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TAPS Incubator offers a holistic, high impact incubation program focusing on start-up, growth, and acceleration for SMME’s.

After years in development, TAPS Incubator is about to finally come online.

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Our purpose is to create, support, and scale entrepreneurs and to ultimately create a sustainable township ecosystem.

We aim to accelerate the success of SMMEs within the construction sector. TAPS Incubation give the Incubates the opportunities to move from grade 1 to 5 and ultimately growing the SMME’s competitiveness in the construction industry.

We see Incubators as a powerful tool for supporting both SMME growth, and a variety of socio-economic needs, such as job creation, technology transfer, reviving economic activities at local and regional level, poverty alleviation and economic integration of previously disadvantaged groups.



Non-Financial Support

Incubates whose businesses qualify for the TAPS SMME Incubation Program, depending on their individual needs, will also undergo some of TAPS Incubation Program’s non-financial services, including but not limited to:

  • Mentorship
  • Digital marketing
  • Business Consultancy Services
  • Market Linkages
  • Business Management Training Program

Working Capital Support

TAPS Incubates will receive vouchers to purchase working capital assets at our retail partner, Game and receipts will be required.

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Stationery supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Telephone and internet allowance

Inventory Support

Black owned SMMEs within the construction and built environment often face the challenges of barriers to entry. They normally do not
have access to capital to purchase building materials, therefore they access loans from banks at the inception of their projects so that
they can operate.

This is a common start-up practice which negatively impacts their growth. Therefore, TAPS Incubators will be able to receive building
material from TAPS Capital and pay TAPS Capital back once they receive their funds from the main contractor.

Access to funding opportunities

The TAPS Incubation Program will introduce incubates to various government and private entities opportunities. We will invite funders to speak to incubates and train them on grant applications, bridging finance applications, business loans applications. 


TAPS Incubation Support


  • The identification of Work/Project/Tender Opportunities
  • Skills and Capacity Audit/Assessment
  • Pricing and Estimating
  • Assistance on compilation and submission of tender documentation
  • The facilitation of performance guarantees
  • Insurances, in particular contractors All Risk, but also other insurances
  • Statutory Registration Compliance, notably:
    • CIDB
    • VAT
    • PAYE
    • WCA
    • UIF

Once a project is secured via appointment by the client body, the following activities will be facilitated by the:

  • Programme and resource scheduling
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Site Administration Systems Development including budget and Actual cost reporting
  • Quality Control mechanisms
  • Wok measurements and payment certification
  • Claims for variations and Extras
  • Management for sub-contractors
  • General Business Administration

Additional Support

Construction Phase support

After securing or being awarded the contract, there is a contractual period in which the contractor has to prepare for occupation or possession of the site.

Site Supervision

Stronger site supervision allows the contractor’s management teams a certain amount of independence and autonomy, thereby creating opportunities.

Post Tender Support

As much as an incubate will be supported during a project, but there could be challenges that show signs of being more prevalent during the construction phase. The challenge will be tackled during tender phase and during post tender phase, at this stage, the mentors will assess the situation and provide group or individual workshops.


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