Celebrating women’s month

Author – Mbuthuma Ongeziwe

At Taps this month, we’re celebrating the accomplishments of our talented women. We celebrate their skills and their contributions to society and bringing change to the world. These remarkable women are leading by example and helping us achieve our goals and our vision of empowering woman, their contribution to organization is one of our critical elements of success. We take pride in you ZiMbokodo!!

 We are celebrating women, who represent so much of the image of our company. Every woman plays a major role in our organization and in the industry. In honor of this day, we’re taking a dive into the lives of these superwomen as they have made incredible sacrifices to succeed in their careers, business and breaking society stereotypes along the way. we’re proud of these women. Not only do they elevate the overall quality and culture of our workplace, but they also provide valuable insights on what makes us successful and different.

Women are the heart of this organization and they have made great strides in our company over the years. These leaders inspire us, help to drive results, and provide mentorship to their teammates.

Taps is pleased to shine a spotlight not only on women in the organization but all who are helping to drive change in their communities. We celebrate all women who have made their mark in this world, we salute those who have overcome obstacles and lived out their ambitions. Let us give thanks for our role models and the inspiration they offer us all. We here at Taps are proud to be a part of the evolution of women in the workplace. 

Happy woman’s month to all sung and unsung heroines Halala ZiMboko!!