Who We Are


We offer a seamless and easy to use system for ensuring regulatory compliance and contract monitoring for the build industry. We are a development hub committed to creating opportunities and access to market for women and youth owned entities ensuring they become game-changers and meaningful contributors to the economy.

TAPS Online offers a complete procurement solution for integrated, transformative and cost effective procurement solutions.

Your one stop shop

TAPS Online operates as the industry’s construction clinic and will diagnose your challenges, prescribe a holistic solution and provide all the necessary care to ensure delivery of a sustainable, transformative, competitive and healthy outcome.

TAPS Online offers an efficient and cost effective solution in the built environment, employing best practices , Online material supply and a virtual hardware store catering to subcontractors based on their project specific needs.

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TAPS ONLINE PTY LTD is a 100% black-owned Level 1 BBBEE organization focusing on online digitized procurement systems.