Celebrating Heritage Month


Author – Ongeziwe Mbuthuma

TAPS Online would like to wish all South Africans, a wonderful Heritage Month. This is a time to remind us to reconnect with our cultural roots and be reminded that we are part of something larger than our themselves. We all have an important role to play in our society.

This month highlight’s the history and culture of all racial groups, celebrates their languages & customs, and recognises all the women & men who have contributed to the heritage and culture of the nation. We acknowledge our kings & queens who play a role in uniting the different nations and tribes. We praise and give honour to those who fought for and contributed to making South Africa a rainbow nation.


TAPS Online is multicultural organisation which employs people from diverse backgrounds. Staff have an equal opportunity for input within the organisation. We have been empowering SMME’s throughout the South Africa, we do not discriminate based on Tribalism because we believe all people deserve equal opportunities.

We at TAPS Online believe in celebrating Heritage Day in the workplace to share the diversity and pride of our staff members. We aim to celebrate of the uniqueness of our staff members diverse backgrounds.


The purpose of Heritage Day is to celebrate South Africa’s cultural wealth and diversity. We live in a country where the people embrace each other’s cultures and encourage the participation in the traditions of their culture. One way to celebrate and preserve our culture is to wear our beautiful & traditional rainbow colours, sharing our traditional foods, educating each other about our history, speaking our beautiful languages and to sing Ingoma za kwantu (African songs)

However you choose to celebrate this Heritage Month, remember to proudly wave the South African flag and that “Umntu ngumntu ngabantu” , isiXhosa for “A person is a person through other people”.